INVENT 2018( International Volunteering for Better Inclusivity) : Peace and Justice


Brilliant Plans, Brilliant Realizations

Group B’s Presentation about Johar Baru Community.

Johar Baru Community (please click here to see our power point presentation as the result of our group work)

For us, there are no results that betrayed all the efforts, because if the plans are brilliant, automatically will be resulted in more efforts to realize it.

Let’s Change For Good 🙂 !

From Syukri, Thank You for Everything Everyone :)

8 nations, 7 universities, 6 UM representatives, 5 levels of design thinking process, 4 groups, 3 presentations, 2 provinces and 1 cause. All due to the desire and enthusiasm of the people to make the world a better place to live in. A world where discrimination and exclusivity are the things of the past.
INVENT 2018 was a force not to be reckoned with. An offer I’m glad for saying yes to and wouldn’t trade it with anything else even for the world.
Indonesians, as usual, are always at their best when it comes to their warmth welcome, or what Malaysians would call it “layanan mesra “.
Last but not least, all of you are a masterpiece that I shall embrace for a long time to come. We are all indeed alike to the great Indonesian motto, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”.
Thank you for everything, everyone.
Signing out, Syukri Abd Rahman.

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Tales from Johar Baru

Vu Tuan Hai (from Vietnam) – National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

DAY 7 Johar Baru
Today we get to Johar Baru, which is known as a slum in Central Jakarta. Before going there, I made many assumptions about this area in terms of problems that the locals are facing. When I reached Johar Baru, I felt that this area resonates with some areas in Kolkata, India that I visited last year. This is to say that there are many common problems in this world, so we should take actions together rather than individually.

After attending the lecture by the professor from Universitas Indonesia, it was interesting to know that violence is difficult to be prosecuted, but gang fightings serve an important social purpose because they provide a sense of family, belonging and cultural identity for those who have not found ways to meet their basic needs. Moreover, the negative stigma and identity of Johar Baru residents make it a burden for them to secure a job. In addition, what I find captivating is that “hang out” habits can help to cultivate talents of children such as music, poetry, drawing, etc. Another problem is related to accommodation. The average area of a house here is approximately 3×3 square metres, which sometimes forces children to sleep outside. This reminds me of the extreme “coffin house” in Hong Kong.

Today our group interviewed the locals to figure out the problems they face in the Johar Baru Community. What I found surprising was that many people are satisfied with their lives here although there remain many issues. I am just wondering whether I take everything I have now for granted, or the people in Johar Baru are so adaptive and afraid of changes in their lives.

We realised that the root causes of the common problems here such as brawl and unemployment are due to the under-qualification, lack of training and too much free time of the youth. We then proposed our solutions such as setting up microloan banks, providing training and creating platforms for the youth to unleash their potential with a view to transforming Johar Baru into a more developed sub-district.

Hopes and Dreams

Written by Shu Hui Leong, a student from University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Just as we were comfortably tucked into our beds with the air conditioning blasted on full, where were the kids of Johar Baru? Are they still on the streets? Are they sleeping not on beds but on the concrete, not with air conditioning but with the midnight wind which carries with it the stench from the garbage-infested rivers? What dreams do they have, I wonder to myself.

At age 8, they wanted to be doctors, footballers and policemen. At the same age, when I was asked what my ambition was, I said that I wanted to be a doctor. It may not be the path that I am taking now, but I hope that when they grow up to be able to make any choices, they would have the same opportunities that I have. But more importantly, I hope that they never lose that hope. The hope to be whatever they want to be.

It is important for them to have a role model so that they could see what lies beyond their 3x3m2 homes and know that their future is not bleak. Then the brawling will stop and then the community will change. If there is hope, I believe that it lies in the children of Johar Baru.

The Hidden Gem of J-Town

Written by Raditya Paramasuta – Universitas Indonesia

A Hidden Gem of J-Town
A Hidden Gem of J-Town

These two days, we’ve been working in the Johar Baru district. As a Jakartan since birth, I knew a lot of things about Johar Baru. It’s well-known for brawling activities. This time, we went to Johar Baru, not for BRAWLING, but to help them change its face for good, and to change its people for the better.

We were painting bridges on the first day, and it’s one of our efforts to beautify the village, as we would like to get rid of Johar Baru’s image of dark and gloomy. The smiles of the kids that were helping us symbolize hopes and prayers of the Johar Baru community. Through Johar Baru painting activity, I could learn how I should be grateful of anything given by God throughout almost the 20 years of my life. They were ecstaticly happy to see a camera and to have a chance to take a picture.

The second day, all of us did interviews with the locals. By visiting the local houses, I was able to experienced how to live in 3×3 m2 houses, even though it’s only for a short time. Still, based on the answers of the locals, they would like to develop their own businesses and make their own jobs. By creating jobs, they could turn Johar Baru into a new bustling economic heart of Jakarta. Other groups also talk about installing fences/walls on the riverbanks, so I strongly believe that walls could be used as a media to express creativity through graffiti and paintings. These paintings on the wall could be used as tourist attraction. The tourist attraction will gain investors and capitals to Johar Baru, thus making Johar Baru as one of the main tourist destinations in Jakarta.

Johar Baru is indeed a hidden gem for tourists in Jakarta, and it has all the potentials needed to become a very developed area. With their people having a strong will to open up their businesses, it will be a gigantic business hub in a few years. All we need to do is to support and include them in our society. Without support, they might not be able to change for good, because there’s never too late for change and never too late for learning.

Yuk berubah! Let’s Change and Transform Together For a Better Tomorrow!